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Albert Marquet "Nude Woman" Hokusai, France

Albert Marquet "Nude Woman" Hokusai, France

Albert Marquet "Nude"

Standing in front of Marque's nude painting will calm you down. I feel the gentleness and beauty of women in the suppleness of the line. Knowing that it was called Hokusai in France, I am convinced again of its artistry.

  • Product information

    Artist: Albert Marquet

    Title: Person

    Appraisal: Yes

    Size: 22 x 13 cm

    Technique: Drawing

    (The displayed price includes consumption tax.)


  • Albert Marquet

    A Fauvist artist from the 19th to 20th generations. Rebelling against Impressionism, it features free colors and a simplified two-dimensional depiction. Marque has a calm color style compared to his friend Matisse. Famous for its airy landscape paintings and skillful drawings of nude women.

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