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<Sold out> Ryuzaburo Umehara " Rose "

<Sold out> Ryuzaburo Umehara " Rose "

"Rose", synonymous with Umehara


Umehara loved rich and voluminous things. "I feel a lot of light in the rose" . Rose was his favorite motif.


The red that Umehara loved is impressive. Umehara's gentle "rose" has both luxury and elegance.

  • Product information

    Artist: Ryuzaburo Umehara

    Title : "Rose figure"

    Appraisal: Tokyo Art Club Appraisal Report

    Size: 39.0 x 33.6 cm

    Oil / Canvas

    Year of production: May 1952


    Tomobako:A wooden box in which artist signed. In many cases, the author's name and work name are written and stamped.


    Tomo-seal: A sticker that is signed by the author himself. It has the title and seal of the work, just like Tomobako.

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