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<Sold> Tormented Faun's Face 72/200

<Sold> Tormented Faun's Face 72/200

Faun is a god of livestock, forest and fertility in Roman mythology. The god of half-human half-sheep with goat horns and body, equivalent to the Greek mythological Pan. It is a motif that often appears in Picasso's works. This work is different from mere painting, and the expression of the face is three-dimensional and has a profound feeling as well as the size (diameter 42 cm). In 1956, the year of production, a movie called "The Secret of Genius Picasso" was produced, which approaches the secret of Picasso's creation.

  • Product information

    Artist: Pablo Picasso

    Title: Tormented Faun's Face

    Size: diameter 42 cm

    Limited number of copies: 72/200

    Year of production: 1956

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