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<Sold Out>Kokei Kobayashi "Dojoji" Legend of Kiyohime Anjin

<Sold Out>Kokei Kobayashi "Dojoji" Legend of Kiyohime Anjin

Kokei Kobayashi "Dojoji"

The story of Kiyohime, who fell in love with a beautiful traveling priest , Dojoji is a famous Noh play. If it doesn't come true, he becomes a snake and burns his opponent. After the Buddhahood, the two will become one cherry tree, Iriaizakura. The tranquility of this Iriai cherry tree. I have no choice but to pray for Kiyohime's calm heart.

  • Product information

    Writer name: Kobayashi Old diameter

    Title : Dojoji Temple

    Size: 68.0 x 31.0 cm

    Technique: Silk book / coloring

    Remarks: Double width common box

    (The displayed price includes consumption tax.)




  • What is Sofuku?

    A pair of left and right hanging scrolls. A pair of calligraphy and paintings are tailored with the same surface. It is also called "Tsukufuku".

    Is it dancing in front of the cherry blossoms at Domyoji? What kind of scene can you think of?

  • What is a common box?

    The work is contained in a box that the author himself wrote in a box. The box itself is also called a common box. It is a proof that it is a genuine work.

    It also plays a role like a guarantee along with the certificate. The characters of Kokei Kobayashi written on the box are also wonderful.

  • What is Kempon?

    Japanese paintings drawn on silk are called Kempon. The silk is called Eginu. The unique luster and brilliance of silk is beautiful.

    What is drawn on paper is called a paper book.

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