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Ryuzaburo Umehara "Nude"

Ryuzaburo Umehara "Nude"

Ryuzaburo Umehara " Nude "

Size:31.7 × 22.0cm

* A Similar work is in the 1991 Ryuzaburo Umehara exhibition catalog (second photo)


"I hear criticism that Umehara's paintings repeat one approach, but I disagree with it. I have been watching Umehara's paintings carefully for over 20 years, but He has never repeated. Seeing a good picture of a nude woman at the time, I think this is the best one I have ever seen .... But after a few years, I see another paining of nude woman , and I think this time is also good, before I wonder which one was better.... I was really impressed with the painting on the spot, and when I put the two paintings side by side, I was surprised at the progress in the meantime. I know that He has never stopped at the place. "(Naoya Shiga)


"... I think Umehara is the best artist in contemporary Japanese painting. It's also unrivaled that he has a passion for art from the bottom of his stomach." (Naoya Shiga)


In this way, Umehara was a person who always continued his efforts with aspirations and passion.

  • Product information

    Artist: Ryuzaburo Umehara

    Title : "Nude"


    Size: 31.7 x 22.0 cm

    Technique: ink, pencil, paper



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