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Morikazu Kumagai "風月花 Snow Moon Flower"

Morikazu Kumagai "風月花 Snow Moon Flower"

Setsugetsuka (Snow, the Moon and Flowers), is a word from the phrase, 'Setsugetsuka no toki mottomo kimi wo omou (I remember you especially when snow, the moon or flowers are beautiful)' in an old Chinese poem.

The poem sent by the Tang dynasty poet 白居易 Bai Juyi to his friend 殷協律Yin Kyoritsu, Snow moon flowers are a general term for winter snow, autumn moon, spring flowers, and the beautiful times of each of the scenery, that is, the things that make you feel the four seasons.


Morikazu Kumagai, who started writing in his later years, wrote lots of his favorite words. Morikazu Kumagai said that the calligraphy is an extra work, did not seek fame. Hewas not bound by common sense, and lived abundantly as if playing in his own world. It is a calligraphy with a warm atmosphere like Kumagaya.


Artist: Morikazu Kumagai

Title: Snow Moon Flower

Size: 37.5 x 12 cm

Medium: ink on paper

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