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<Sold out> Tokuoka Shinsen "Peony" Noble peony and butterflies

<Sold out> Tokuoka Shinsen "Peony" Noble peony and butterflies


  • Product information

    Artist: Tokuoka Shinsen

    Title: "Botan"

    Appraisal: Yes

    Size: 62.5 x 32.2 cm

    Technique: Silk book / coloring

    Year of production: April 1936

    (The displayed price includes consumption tax.)

  • What is Kempon?

    Japanese paintings drawn on silk are called Kempon. The silk is called Eginu. The unique luster and brilliance of silk is beautiful. The peony that looks slightly shining stands out.

    What is drawn on paper is called a paper book.

  • Tokuoka Shinsen

    A Japanese painter born in the Meiji era. He has also practiced Zen, and in the style of painting, you can see the tranquil spirituality and mysterious beauty in the realistic expression. Received the Order of Culture in 1966.

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