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<Sold Out>Let's go home

<Sold Out>Let's go home

Kawai Gyokudo "Kihashi Return"

Even if you are busy and busy with time, this picture of Kawai Gyokudo makes you feel nostalgic and relieved. The sound of a pure river flowing under a steep rock surface. You can hear the fun conversations of the people who go home.

  • Product information

    Artist: Kawai Gyokudo

    Title: Return to Kibashi

    Appraisal: Yes

    Size: 45.3 x 57.2 cm

    Technique: Paper book / coloring

    Remarks: Common box

    (The displayed price includes consumption tax.)


  • 共箱(ともばこ)とは?

    The work is contained in a box that the author himself wrote in a box. The box itself is also called a common box. It is a proof that it is a genuine work.

    It also plays a role like a guarantee along with the certificate.

  • Kawai Gyokudo

    Kawai Gyokudo, a master who was active from the Meiji era to the Showa era. After the war, he stayed in Okutama, where he was evacuated, and spent his last years drawing "Japanese" landscape paintings through the activities of people who coexist with the magnificent nature. Received the Order of Culture in 1940.

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