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Greenery of Sotaro Yasui

This is Sotaro Yasui's watercolor work.

Sotaro Yasui (May 17, 1888 - December 14, 1955) rented the Amanoya Annex in Yugawara in 1949 and moved there. He was over 60 years old.

When you climb120 steps along the corridor, there would be a studio that Seiho Takeuchi used before.

Therefore, you can immerse yourself in the production without disturbing feelings.

This work was depicted in 1952, right around this time.

The fresh green of Yugawara is very beautiful, and the beauty of the colors is typical of Sotaro Yasui.

(by owner of Seiryudo)

Sotaro Yasui "Landscape of Yugawara



23.8 cm x 32.2 cm


Tobi Appraisal Institute

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