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Kaoru Yamaguchi's KUMA

If you don't know Kaoru Yamaguchi's "KUMA", you might think that he is drawing a bear, but KUMA is the name of his pet dog.

Here is a book about the interaction between the painter and his dog.

For Kaoru Yamaguchi, he was an irreplaceable presence.

On the book belt

“A painter who is clumsy at living”

"An unfriendly dog as same as the painter

their sweet and bitter 7 years

Please take a look at the work and feel Kaoru Yamaguchi's love.

(Written by Seiryudo owner)

Kaoru Yamaguchi “Kai Tiger Cub” Bear

1962 Oil on canvas


With appraisal

Art book No.789

1962 12th Modern Art Association Exhibition (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum)

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