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The Blue Box

Fine arts & Antiques

Thank you for visiting The Blue Box.

Art and Antique Boutique, The Blue Box is your jewelry box.

Wishing you meet your own wonderful treasure.


The Blue Box by Seiryudo

Our Story




1885 年(明治18年)初代にあたる曾祖父が青龍堂を興して私で四代目になります。



​2020 年 美術品のオンラインブティックThe Blue Boxをスタートさせました。

第四代 小山健二

In 1885,
my great-grandfather who is the founder started Seiryu-do and I am the fourth generation.

It newly started Seiryu-do in Hiroo through the stage of Ginza and Kamakura.
I would like to introduce the profound fascination of artist and their works,

which is mainly Japanese and oil paintings in the 1900s to you.

Tokyo based online fine arts & antiques boutique, the Blue Box started in 2020.

Our mission is to connect precious works of art with people’s life stories 

and pass on the beautiful stories to the next generation.

Kenji Koyama


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